Autism New Zealand to benefit from the Grocery Charity Ball 2015

The beneficiary of the 2015 Grocery Charity Ball is Autism New Zealand, the pre-eminent provider of services and support for people on the Autism Spectrum and those who support them.

The Autism New Zealand branches are operated by volunteers with some offices employing field staff or support co-ordinators. Each branch offers various levels of support, including holiday programmes, music therapy, social skills programmes, coffee mornings, regular meetings with guest speakers, and pre-school support.

Donations are an important part in assisting this organisation to continue their work. Funding from the Grocery Charity Ball will go a long way towards helping Autism New Zealand achieve their goals.Autism and Asperger syndrome still remain as relatively unknown disabilities among the general population. Yet it is estimated that autism spectrum disorders are approximately four times as common as cerebral palsy and 17 times as common as Down’s syndrome – touching the lives of over 40,000 people and their families throughout New Zealand.

An autism spectrum disorder is a life-long disability, but there are ways of alleviating some difficulties, especially if a child is diagnosed early and receives appropriate intervention early in life. Special education programmes and structured support can really make a difference to a child’s life, helping to maximise skills and achieve full potential in adulthood.

The Trustees of The Grocery Charity Ball are proud to support this worthy cause. Trustee, Chairman Don Graham commented: “One person in 100 has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, so the opportunity for us to help fund Autism New Zealand as the 2015 Grocery Charity Ball beneficiary is heart-warming.”

The 2015 Grocery Charity Ball will be held in Auckland at The Langham on Saturday the 29th August, and with the appointment of another worthy beneficiary, it is likely to be a sell-out once again.

Make sure you secure your table at this ‘not to be missed’ event by confirming your booking with Jackie Coyne 0274 946 211 or Alex Mitchell 0272 757 222 at S2N Events. Or make a pre-booking via our contact page.

Established in 2004, the Grocery Charity Ball is the premier event on the grocery industry’s social calendar, and directs the profits to charitable trusts in New Zealand. The annual event is held with the support of both Foodstuffs and Progressive, as well as the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council.